This is a package that provides libraries of functionality that is often required for users using Javascript and rosjs with the robot. To include the functionality common.js should be added as a script to the HTML.

Provided Functionality

  • actionlib
    • Javascript actionlib interface. Allows programmers to create action clients to interface with action servers running on the robot. This includes goal managing.
  • core
    • Core functionality to simplify dealing with ROS.
    • Node Handle - allows programmers to handle a ROS node. Including but not limited to functions to advertise, publish, subscribe, unsubscribe, get topics, and get Services.
    • Publisher - allows programmers to publish ROS messages through publish funciton
    • Service Client - allows programmers to interact with ROS service through call and wait_for_service functions.
  • math
    • Frequently used math functionality: quaternion, rotation, transform and 3-d vector operations
  • pcl
    • Basic functionality to handle point cloud messages
  • roslib
    • Header handles ROS headers for messages
  • system
    • provides interfaces for map, time and tree
  • tf
    • provides code to easily work with TFs in Javascript.
  • urdf
    • provides code to easily work with urdfs in Javascript.
  • widgets
    • provides code to create and handle widgets with ROS functionality. Widgets are the recommended means of creating portable ROS web applications

Code API Documentation

A documentation of the code can be found here: http://www.pr2-remotelab.com/jsdoc/rosjs_common/html/js/index.html

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