Package Summary

Export data (images, numerics) from a bag file to create CSV and video files

Package Summary

Export data (images, numerics) from a bag file to create CSV and video files


This package contains a GUI to help users extract data from bag files.

Main features are:

  • Export topics to CSV files (multiple topics inside one CSV file is not implemented, each topic goes into one CSV file)
  • Export H264 encoded videos from sensor_msgs/CompressedImage
  • Progress bar to display the progress of the export
  • Ability to export only a portion of a bag file (eg: from second 25 to second 60)
  • Ability to change the video frame rate when exporting the video
  • Ability to cancel exporting video/CSV

The software is user oriented (non programmer), it is very easy to use and features a desktop launcher when installed.


rqt_bag_exporter logo


Install, initialize and update rosdep.


Create a catkin workspace and clone the project:

mkdir -p catkin_workspace/src
cd catkin_workspace/src
git clone
cd ..

Resolve ROS dependencies

rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src --rosdistro kinetic -y


Use catkin_make to compile


Using the Qt GUI user application

Source the catkin workspace in which you compiled the package, then launch:

roslaunch rqt_bag_exporter gui.launch

There is desktop a file installed when installing the project: you can open the software like any other application using the application menu.

If you delete the installed files from your workspace the desktop launcher will not be deleted. It is located in $HOME/.local/share/applications; you need to remove this file manually.

If the launcher doesn't appear after installing running gtk-launch rqt_bag_exporter once should solve the problem.


How to contribute

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