The rr_openrover_stack is a collection of software to operate the the Rover Pro and Rover Zero. It provides driver support for serial communication between compute hardware and the Rover Pro and Rover Zero platforms, as well as support for remote control using PS4 controllers.

Below is the the Node structure of the packages when launched rover_robotics_ros_stack3.png


We recommend running through our "Ubuntu 18.04 Computer Setup guide" on our docs page

This will install necessary systemd scripts (used for starting ROS on boot), udev rules (nice if you ever unplug your USB devices) and joystick drivers.

If you want to install this package in isolation you can do so with the following command

sudo apt-get install ros-melodic-rr-openrover-stack

Release Notes

This package is currently in pre-release meaning the code has been tested and is functional, but backwards compatibility is not guaranteed until v1.0.0, so make note of which version you are using and read the changelog carefully before updating.

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