/!\ Since groovy, rxplot becomes DEPRECATED and is succeeded by rqt_plot.


rxplot is a tool in the rxtools package that plots data from one or more ROS topic fields using Matplotlib. For plotting of data contained in bag files, you may wish to try the rxbag tool instead.



$ rxplot /topic1/field1 /topic2/field2

To graph the data all on the same plot:

$ rxplot /topic1/field1,/topic2/field2

To graph multiple fields of a message:

$ rxplot /topic1/field1:field2:field3

All of these options can be specified together, e.g.:

$ rxplot /topic1/field1,/topic2/field2:field3 /topic4/field4


-l LEGEND, --legend=LEGEND

  • Set the legend. LEGEND should be a comma-separated list of labels.

-p PERIOD, --period=PERIOD

  • Set the time period in seconds displayed in window.

-m MARKER, --marker=MARKER

  • Set the line marker, e.g. o, ^, .

-t TITLE, --title=TITLE

  • Set the title of the plot screen.

-b BUFFER, --buffer=BUFFER

  • Set size of plotting buffer in seconds (default of -1 keeps all data).

--mode=scatter <topic/field1> <topic/field2> [topic/field3] New in diamondback

  • Do scatter plot. If two arguments are provided, time is used as third axis.

--mode=3d <topic/field1> <topic/field2> [topic/field3] New in diamondback

  • Do 3d plot. If two arguments are provided, time is used as third axis.

-r REFRESH_RATE, --refresh_rate=REFRESH_RATE New in electric

  • Set refresh rate of display (default 2hz). This option is useful for reducing the CPU usage of rxplot.

-P, --pause New in Electric

  • Start in paused state.

--ymin, --ymax New in Fuerte

  • Set y-axis scale limits.


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