To start, just execute screenrun.

rosrun screenrun screenrun [b]

If b is passed, byobu is used instead of screen.


The programs to run will be read from a local parameter ~programs that contains a list of programs to run. Commands will not be executed, but inserted into the screen as if they were typed. Thus, Ctrl-C, <up>, etc. should work. To actually run a command append \015 (Enter) to a command.

A screen session named ros is started and screen windows with the program name are created, where the commands are entered. Usually the ~programs parameter will come from a configuration or launch file. See this example as a reference:

    name: planner
        - roscd tidyup_grasp_actions\015
        - roslaunch tidyup_grasp_actions continual-planning-tidyup-grasp-tuck.launch 
    name: dashboard
        - rosrun pr2_dashboard pr2_dashboard\015

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