Current and previous Versions

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1.4 Series (E-Turtle)

  • Gazebo

    • Establish a formal version process and review cycle. Synchronize releases of Gazebo with ROS.
    • Create gazebo-specific regression tests (outside of ROS).
    • Switch to Apache 2.0 license.
    • Gazebo will be hosted on kforge.

    • Write more tutorials and documentation. Consider move gazebo to
    • Incorporate models of humans (support Crowd Nav Project: Caroline is lead). This needs to be complete by end of March, 2011
    • Better visualization: improved shadows & materials.

    • Improved GUI for importing and manipulation models. Easier creation of simulation environments.
      • Import 3D models from 3rd party modeling software.
      • Modify model parameters (size, shape, pose, joints, sensors, etc)
  • ROS

    • Improve gazebo plugin efficiency. Identify possible performance bottlenecks.
    • Create a minimalistic PR2, one that can run faster-than-realtime.
      • Kinematic only for partial robot. Lump mass upward in joint chain.
    • Launch gazebo on a remote machine: requires special launch files, and ROS support.

1.6 Series (F Turtle)

  • Gazebo

    • Switched from wxwidgets to qt, preparing for better GUI development.
    • Introduced non-interlocked physics and rendering system through a new transport system based on google protobuf. This provides the potential for distributing computational loads across different machines.
    • New plugin interface and new internal model xml format (more similar to urdf).

    • Improved lighting and shadow rendering.

1.8 Series (G Turtle)

  • Gazebo

    • Try out different collision engines (e.g. fcl).

    • Simplify simulation loading, rewinding, and saving of state. Save and resume world/model state.
    • Incorporate more sensors: GPS, wifi, microphones/speakers, switches, buttons
  • ROS

    • Cluster documentation
    • Model creation from real-world sensor data.

Long Term

  • Full support of Bullet physics engine

  • Rather than checking code from gazebo, move to system install of gazebo simulator itself
  • Python scripting interface to control models and environmental state
  • Improve material and lighting support - increase rendering fidelity for vision-based projects
  • Add GUI elements to manipulate joints and actuators

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