When you run make in this package, it simply copies the files from the released directory to the include and compiled_firmware directories. The protocol headers are then used in the sr_edc_ethercat_drivers and sr_robot_lib to interpret the incoming packets.

The compiled firmware can be used in the bootloader plugin of the sr_control_gui to update the firmware of the motors.

Development Use

'NB: For internal use at Shadow only'

If you set the INTERNAL_FIRMWARE environment variable to 1, then we'll download the latest version of the protocol and also the latest compiled firmware from our internal svn (this is only possible if you're working for Shadow).

If you're ready to make a relased firmware, just run make release in the package. This will copy the files to the released directory, write the current versions of the different software in the tested_version.yaml file, and tag the current bzr revision with the revisions as well.

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