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Robot creator

Description: Describes how to create robots and sensors from scratch, or load them and save them using YAML files.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Open the robot creator

To open the robot creator press the third button on the toolbar. You can manipulate the robot's properties and sensors on the left side (information tree) and see a preview of the robot at the right.

alt text

Add sensors / Load sensors

You can add a new sensor by clicking on the + button (at the lasers or sonars node). You can also load a sensor from a yaml file, save it to a yaml file, or delete it by clicking x.

alt text

Manipulate sensors

By clicking the edit button on any sensor you can manipulate its properties. The Refresh button on the properties window refreshes the robot preview without closing the Robot creator window, while the Update button updates the robot description and closes the properties window.

alt text

Save / Load robot

Finally you can easily load / save / manipulate robots using the buttons on the "robot" node.

alt text

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