STDR Simulator implements a distributed, server-client based architecture. Each node can run in a different machine and communicate using ros interfaces. STDR Simulator, also provides a GUI developed in QT, for visualization purposes and more. The GUI, is not necessary for the simulator to run and its functionalities can be performed using command-line tools provided with the package.

STDR Simulator architecture

The STDR Simulator available packages are:

  • stdr_server: Implements synchronization and coordination functionalities of STDR Simulator.

  • stdr_robot: Provides robot, sensor implementation, using nodelets for stdr_server to load them.

  • stdr_parser: Provides a library to STDR Simulator, to parse yaml and xml description files.

  • stdr_gui: A gui in Qt for visualization purposes in STDR Simulator.

  • stdr_msgs: Provides msgs, services and actions for STDR Simulator.

  • stdr_launchers: Launch files, to easily bringup server, robots, guis

  • stdr_resources: Provides robot and sensor descripiton files for STDR Simulator.

  • stdr_samples: Provides sample codes to demonstrate STDR simulator functionalities.

An overview of the STDR Simulator architecture is depicted in the following diagram:



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What would you expect to work and it doesn't

  • Other robots perceived as obstacles from sensors
  • Noise in sensors
  • Properties in GUI
  • Kinematic models

We hope to provide you these functionalities with our next release!

Continuous Integration status


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