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Running STDR Simulator

Description: How to start the STDR Simulator, using launchers.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Using provided launchers

The stdr_simulator provides a number of launchers (included in stdr_launchers package) to cover basic usage scenarios.

Simple use case, server, gui and a robot

You will need one terminal to run the following command:

$ roslaunch stdr_launchers server_with_map_and_gui_plus_robot.launch

A new window running the STDR GUI will come up and you should see something like this:


Using Rviz to visualize robot, sensor measurements

You can run rviz and subscribe to necessary topics or use the provided launcher:

$ roslaunch stdr_launchers rviz.launch

This is a very good example to understand what topics are published and which tf transforms are available:


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