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Using turtlebot for tepeoperation

Description: This tutorial explains how to employ the turtlebot package in order to teleoperate a robot in STDR Simulator

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

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Install turtlebot

First of all you must install the turtlebot teleop package:

sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-turtlebot-teleop

Create the ros launcher

After the Turtlebot teleop installation there should be the following folder in your Linux distribution:


You have to create a launcher for turtlebot that has remapped the command velocity topic. To do this execute the following commands (it is assumed you have a catkin workspace with a package , in which the launcher will be placed - for example ~/catkin_ws/src/stdr_tele):

cp /opt/ros/hydro/share/turtlebot_teleop/launch/keyboard_teleop.launch ~/catkin_ws/src/stdr_tele/launch/stdr_keyboard.launch

Now you have to remap the command velocity topic to the one you desire. If your robot is \robot0, then the stdr_keyboard.launch file should be like this:

  <!-- turtlebot_teleop_key already has its own built in velocity smoother -->
  <node pkg="turtlebot_teleop" type="turtlebot_teleop_key" name="turtlebot_teleop_keyboard"  output="screen">
    <param name="scale_linear" value="0.5" type="double"/>
    <param name="scale_angular" value="1.5" type="double"/>
    <remap from="turtlebot_teleop_keyboard/cmd_vel" to="robot0/cmd_vel"/>

Teleoperating the robot

Now you are ready to teleoperate your robot! Open the STDR GUI, load a map and a robot and then execute

roslaunch stdr_tele stdr_keyboard.launch 

You can move your robot by the following keys:

  • i : move forward
  • , : move backwards
  • j : turn left
  • l : turn right
  • k : immobilize the robot

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