Note: This tutorial assumes that you have successfully installed the Tango Ros Streamer application on your Tango device. Check here if it is not the case yet..
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Visualise Tango data in Rviz

Description: Step by step tutorial to visualise Tango data published by the Tango Ros Streamer application in Rviz.

Keywords: tango, ros, streamer, visualisation, Rviz

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Configuration of the app

On your desktop, open a new terminal and run:

> roscore

On your Tango device launch the app by clicking on the app icon. If it is the first time you are launching the app, you will directly end up in the Settings page. Otherwise, click on the gear icon (top right) to go to the Settings page.

Click on "Master URI" and set the correct master URI.

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If it is the first time you are launching the app, click on DONE in the message at the bottom of the screem. Otherwise, a message saying you need to restart the app should have appeared. To do so, stop the app by clicking on the ROS icon in the toolbar (top left), and click on "Shutdown" when asked. text describing image

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Once this is done, kill the app by swapping it from the current app, and restart it. text describing image

Now, if everything went correctly, both the ROS light and the Tango light should be green. text describing image

Click on the 3 bars icon (top right) to open the drawer menu. Here you can choose which data to publish. For the purpose of this tutorial turn them all on to publish all available data. text describing image

Visualisation in Rviz

First you need to download the Rviz config file from here

Then, on your desktop, open a new terminal and run:

> rosrun rviz rviz -d <path_to_rviz_config_file>

This will open Rviz with the given config file.

In Rviz you should be able to visualize:

  • The available frames (under the TF section)
  • The point cloud
  • The laser scan
  • The fisheye and the color images with an overlay of the 3d world.

text describing image For each image topic you can choose between the raw or the compressed image.

You can also choose the compression format/level. To do so, open a new terminal and run:

> rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure

Under tango/camera you will find all image topics. For each of them you can modify the compression format (jpeg or png) and adjust the compression level. text describing image

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