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This node works with any node outputting teraRanger/RangeArray.msg type like Teraranger-Tower or Teraranger-Hub

WARNING: This package depends on URDF description of the sensor setup. Please use the teraranger_description package for this disponible here:



The purpose of this node is to take tf information from tf_tree (often generated by urdf file) to automatically generate point cloud or laser scan

Subscribed Topics

/ranges (teraranger_array/RangeArray)
  • Provides range readings from all sensors in single RangeArray

Published Topics

/scan (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
  • This will try to generate a scan from sensors output
/point_cloud (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)
  • This will try to generate a pointcloud from sensors output
/ranges (sensor_msgs/Range)
  • This will output the ranges one by one on a unique topic


Static Parameters
converter_mode (string)
  • This parameter is used to choose between modes of conversion: laser_scan, point_cloud, individual_ranges or sequential_ranges
sensor_mask (bool[])
  • This parameter is needed if you want to cherry-pick sensor for the conversion


To launch the converter simply run:

rosrun teraranger_array_converter teraranger_array_converter _converter_mode:=<laser_scan>|<point_cloud>|<individual_ranges>|<sequential_ranges>

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