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Package Summary

This package includes board controller, vurtual board, board simulator. It originally controlles hardware diagnosis board which is responsible of controlling all connected hardware sensors to the robot system. Hardware diagnosis board can switch on/off the channels, and measure the current and voltage status on each channel.


Diagnosis board is micro-controller based hardware embedding a TCP/IP stack. It has low and high channels to connect low voltage and high voltage hardware sensor devices. It is responsible for the current measurements, the power monitoring and the power configuration of the individual channels. The board is connected with the outside over Ethernet and embeds a server with a proprietary protocol.



This is the controller of the board. It acts like a client and communicate with board on TCP. It connects with board via ip and port.

Published Topics

/board_measurments (tug_ist_diagnosis_msgs/DBoardMeasurments)
  • This topic publishes channel measurements on ROS topic. It gives id, status (on/off), current and voltage measurements of each individual channel.


~ip (string, default: "")
  • This is ip address of the server board. One can configuer on any usable and valid ip address provided inside robotic system.
~port (int, default: 5000)
  • This is the port opened by the server board. One can set port id too.


This node provides functionality of virtual board just for testing purpose. In reality one needs real hardware diagnosis board for real time diagnosis. This node communicates with controller on TCP so it has no publisher and subscriber. It uses ip= and port=5000.


This is a node which is action server providing facility to start and stop the node(s).

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