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Turtle Concert

Description: An example concert demonstration, turtlesim style.

Keywords: concert

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


Follow the rocon installation instructions.



Let's bootstrap all the robots as well as the centralised concert master. Source your setup.bash and rocon_launch the concert, e.g. for a source install:

> cd ~/concert/devel
> source setup.bash
> rocon_launch turtle_concert turtle.concert

rocon_launch is a utility used to multi-launch and manage several launchers running under independant ros masters. It has the same effect as running the following in four new setup.bash'd terminals:

# The concert master
> roslaunch --port=11311 turtle_concert concert.launch
# Two pseudo-turtle concert clients
> roslaunch --port=11312 turtle_concert kobuki.launch
> roslaunch --port=11313 turtle_concert guimul.launch
# A pc software client
> roslaunch --port=11314 turtle_concert turtlesim.launch

At this point, the concert master recognises all the concert clients have been loaded (it is pre-configured via the orchestra node) and is ready to run, but first, let's look around.

Looking Around

The concert system is essentially a centralised workspace. You can find all the topics and services landing there, allowing you to introspect and interact with the concert without having to delve into each robot (concert client). A quick look at the concert workspace (selectively filtering a bit here):

> rosservice list

Starting the Solution

The orchestration component of the concert master is pre-loaded with a solution. Think of this as a multimaster launch file which launches apps (launchers) on each robot instead of nodes.

From the concert workspace (ROS_MASTER_URI=http://localhost:11311)

> rosservice call /concert/start_solution

Viewing the Gateway Graph

Have a gander and see what topics and services are getting the love (i.e. shared around):

> rosrun rocon_gateway_graph rqt_gateway_graph

Wrapping Up

Put the turtles to sleep. Again, from the concert workspace (ROS_MASTER_URI=http://localhost:11311)

> rosservice call /concert/stop_solution


Turtle Concert

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