Getting ready for Turtlebot 2.0. As a resume, the big issues are:

  • Platform: using roslaunch argument 'base' to customize what gets launched for which platform.
    • This indirectly can be set via the TURTLEBOT_BASE environment variable.
  • Zeroconf: for advertising the ros master.


  • 2.0.x -[16-02-13]

  • 1.9.4 -[16-01-13]

    • Added missing dependencies.
    • Updated launch file used by upstart.
  • 1.9.3 -[05-01-13]

    • minor launch/rosinstall file bugfixes.
  • 1.9.2 -[02-01-13]

    • specify with arguments the modules loaded by 3dsensor.
    • namespace zeroconf.
    • minor fix to do odom_combined more conventionally.
    • centralised mux.
    • default params for the velocity smoother.
    • bugfix the kobuki diagnostics prefix
  • 1.9.1

    • dependency for depthimage_to_laserscan in the package manifest.
    • moving base link back in sync with create convention
    • minimal launch for new app framework
    • moved view_model instructions to the launcher, less redundancy.
    • hook the asus into the bottom_base_link, just like the kinect.
  • 1.9.0

    • patched app manager and brought in (will disappear short term)
    • environment variable switching for hardware configuration
    • description files for kobuki, hexagon stacks added.
    • linux_hardware package for netbook related utilities

    • updates for groovy

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