Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Turtlebot Installation.
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PC Installation

Description: Installing the software for your monitoring workstation pc.

Keywords: turtlebot

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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These instructions will guide you through installing software and configuring your PC to communicate with the turtlebot.

Requirements for your PC

  • Able to install ROS Indigo - we recommend Ubuntu Trusty (14).

  • Able to run Ogre - this should be a machine which can run Ogre to be able to run the visualizations. If you don't know what Ogre is, don't worry. Just know that your computer needs to have some kind of graphics capability - it can't be an embedded system or slow netbook. Discrete graphics (i.e. an NVIDIA card) are desired, but not strictly necessary.

  • Full network connectivity with TurtleBot - it will need to be able to ping the turtlebot computer and vice versa.

Installation Instructions

Follow the same instructions for the turtlebot debian install or source install.

Environment Exports

The default installation is configured for a kobuki/asus xtion pro. If you are using different hardware, check the tutorials below to setup the appropriate environment variables.

What Next?

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