1. Turtlebot-Developer Habitats

    Various usage scenarios for turtlebots and their developers.

  2. Interacting with your Turtlebot

    The many ways you can provoke/inspire your turtlebot to action!


  1. Turtlebot Installation

    Installing software onto the turtlebot.

  2. PC Installation

    Installing the software for your monitoring workstation pc.

  3. Network Configuration

    Get turtlebot and your pc chatting to each other.


  1. TurtleBot Bringup

    How to start the TurtleBot software.

  2. PC Bringup

    Connecting to the turtlebot from the PC.

  3. TurtleBot Care and Feeding

    This tutorials explains how to charge and maintain your TurtleBot.

  4. Create Odometry and Gyro Calibration

    /!\ This is only necessary if you have a Create base. The Kobuki comes with a factory calibrated gyro. This will show you how to calibrate or test the calibration of a TurtleBot which is highly recommended when running any navigation based application.


Looking Around

  1. A First Interaction

    Run your first interaction with the turtlebot - chatter!

  2. Visualisation

    Find and call launchers to visualise the turtle and its data streams.

  3. 3D Visualisation

    Visualising 3d and camera data from the kinect/asus.


  1. Keyboard Teleop

    Keyboard teleoperation of a turtlebot.

  2. Joystick Teleop

    Joystick teleoperation of a turtlebot.

  3. Qt Teleop

    Qt teleoperation of a turtlebot.

  4. Interactive Markers Teleop

    A tutorial describing how to use rviz interactive markers for controlling the TurtleBot.

  1. SLAM Map Building with TurtleBot

    How to generate a map using gmapping

  2. Autonomous Navigation of a Known Map with TurtleBot

    This tutorial describes how to use the TurtleBot with a previously known map.

Something Funny

  1. The TurtleBot Follower Demo

    This describes how to run the TurtleBot Follower Demo on your TurtleBot.

  2. The TurtleBot Panorama Demo

    This describes how to run the TurtleBot Panorama Demo on your TurtleBot.

Android Interactions

  1. Download Turtlebot Android Apps from Play Store

    Download android apps from Play Store to run turtlebot rapps on your turtlebot via android device

  2. How to Run Turtlebot Andorid Application

    Instructions how to run turtlebot android application

  3. Turtlebot Android Application Dev Tutorial

    Instructions how to develop turtlebot android app



  1. TurtleBot in Stage Simulator

    How to start turtlebot stage simulation

  2. Customizing the Stage Simulator

    Explains how to use your own map with the stage simulator for turtlebot and adjust configurations for your needs


  1. Gazebo Bringup Guide

    See the simulated turtlebot in Gazebo.

  2. Explore the Gazebo world

    Cruise around in the Gazebo world and use RViz to "see" what's in it.

  3. Make a map and navigate with it

    Use the navigation stack to create a map of the Gazebo world and start navigation based on it.

Development Corner

  1. Customising the Turtle

    Pre-load your own customisations/configuration on the turtle.

  2. Create your First Rapp

    Create, load and execute a 'babbler' rapp, and, is it really worth the effort?

  3. Create your First Interaction

    Create, load and execute a 'babbler' interaction.

  4. Adding New 3D Sensor

    Add support for a new 3D sensor to the turtlebot stack.

  5. Adding a lidar to the turtlebot using hector_models (Hokuyo UTM-30LX)

    A revised tutorial for adding a Hokuyo Lidar to the turtlebot, updated for Indigo and uses the hector_models package

Tutorials describing how to develop android interactions can be found in the android corner.


Rocon QT App manager

  1. Start Rapp with QT App manager

    How to start implementation rapps with Rocon Qt App manager

Multi TurtleBot Concert

Teleop Concert

Teleoperate multiple turtlebots!

  1. TurtleBot Concert Bringup

    how to start the turtlebot concert

  2. Bring up Turtlebot as Concert Client

    how to start the turtlebot concert

  3. Teleop a turtlebot via Concert

    how to teleoperate turtlebot in concert

Other Resources

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