Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: TurtleBot Installation, PC Installation, Network Configuration.
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TurtleBot Bringup

Description: How to start the TurtleBot software.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Close the lid of your TurtleBot laptop, place it on the TurtleBot and connect the USB cables. Press the power button for your mobile base. If you have a Create, the power button is on the top left, hidden behind the edge of the lowest deck and a green light will turn on. If you have a Kobuki, the power button is a switch on the left hand side and it will chirp and flash led's excitedly as soon as you turn it on.

ROS Environment

Firstly ssh into your TurtleBot computer from your workstation computer. Source your setup.bash.

At this point it is very important to make sure you have set any and all environment variables correctly. This includes those for ROS Networking and non-default hardware configurations - the create base or a Kinect.

Bringup Instructions

In the sourced ROS Environment.

> roslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch --screen

Bringup Troubleshooting

Already Launched

If your turtlebot came with a netbook setup to autostart the software, the minimal launcher may already have been triggered on bootup.

Kobuki does not start

If you receive warnings of the type:

[ WARN] [1426225321.364907925]: Kobuki : device does not (yet) available, is the usb connected?.
[ WARN] [1426225321.615097034]: Kobuki : no data stream, is kobuki turned on?

Then do the obvious - make sure kobuki is turned on (leds should be active on the kobuki) and the cable is plugged in. If you are sure about both of these, check to see that your system has had the udev rule applied for /dev/kobuki. Check for this:

> ls -n /dev | grep kobuki

If it does not exist, set up udev rule as shown in this tutorial, replug the kobuki and restart the launcher.

Trying to start Kobuki, not Create

Be sure to preset the appropriate environment variables if you have a create base.

Serial Port - Permission Denied

Probably, you need to be a member of the dialout group. This typically only affects users of the create base - read those instructions.

Netbook suspended or powered off when lid was closed

Go to the dash and type power, and click the power settings icon. Set it to do nothing when the laptop lid is closed, both when running on AC and when on battery.

First Tests on Turtlebot

When you purchase a new Turtlebot, you would like to make sure that its sensors and actuators work as expected and behave normally. Check-out how to perform these tests in Gaitech EDU tutorial.

What Next?

* PC Bringup or return to TurtleBot main page.

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