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Package Summary

The turtlebot_2dnav package

  • Maintainer: John <pexison AT gmail DOT com>
  • Author:
  • License: BSD


This package provides an application that allows a Turtlebot to navigate autonomously through a previously mapped environment.

Running the Application

The turtlebot_2dnav application can be run with the following command:

roslaunch turtlebot_2dnav turtlebot_2dnav.launch map_file:=/my_map.yaml

Interacting with the Application

The navigation stack that is the core of the turtlebot_2dnav application can be commanded via rviz, ros2djs, or through code.


  • You can bring up rviz using turtlebot_2dnav configuration by running the following launch file:
    roslaunch turtlebot_rviz_launchers view_navigation.launch --screen
    • The application is now up and ready to receive goals.
      • Click the "2D Nav Goal" button in the rviz GUI window.
      • Left click on the map at the location of the goal and drag to set orientation.
  • Navigation and rviz tutorial: Provides additional information on using rviz with the navigation stack.


  • When this package is launched, you can use the library ros2djs to integrate a plugin based on JSON in a webpage and create a client that is able to send goals to the navigation stack.

  • In order to make ROS able to communicate with the webpage that uses ros2djs, we launch the web socket after the turtlebot_2dnav.
    roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch
  • Go to the webpage
    • Double click in the map to send the goal to the stack navigation.

Through Code

  • A tutorial on sending goals to the navigation stack with code can be found here.

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