This package detects one checkerboard in camera images and computes the 3D pose. The current 3D pose estimation is based on the OpenCV solvePnP function. Various Parameter and algorithm used to detect the checkerboard can be tuned via ROS shared parameters or by using the dynamic reconfigure interface. This package allows you to publish the checkerboard pose as tf, marker msg, or pose.


  • First of all you need a camera publisher with calibration information (see MonocularCalibration to calibrate your camera) and lets assume you ar publishing your camera under /camera/image_raw and /camera/camera_info

  • Secound you can start the checkerboard detection

    rosrun tuw_checkerboard tuw_checkerboard_node image:=/camera/image_raw camera_info:=/camera/camera_info
  • running the reconfigure module allows you to tune parameters
    rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure



Detected checkerboard with projection and rviz visualization in the background.


Dynamic reconfigure interface

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