This package contains the C++ library for accessing Universal Robots robotic arms from the CB3- or e-Series. It is the base of the ur_robot_driver.


Polyscope up to v1.8.x

This package does not support CB2 controllers.

For robots with Polyscope v1.8.x or older, please see whether ur_modern_driver is sufficient.

Polyscope v3.x and v5.x

Make sure the controller runs v3.7 or newer for CB3, or v5.1 or newer for e-Series controllers.

Library Contents

Currently, this library contains the following components:

  • Basic primary interface: The primary interface isn't fully implemented at the current state and provides only basic functionality. See A word on the primary / secondary interface for further information about the primary interface.

  • RTDE interface: The RTDE interface is fully supported by this library. See RTDEClient for further information on how to use this library as an RTDE client.

  • Dashboard interface: The Dashboard server can be accessed directly from C++ through helper functions using this library.

  • Custom motion streaming: This library was initially developed as part of the Universal Robots ROS driver. Therefore, it also contains a mechanism to do data streaming through a custom socket, e.g. to perform motion command streaming.

Additional information

Most documentation is handled inside the Githhub README files.


Use GitHub to report bugs or submit feature requests. [View active issues]

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