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Package Summary

Identify obstacles in Velodyne HDL-64E 3D LIDAR data using a ring compression algorithm.

This package uses deprecated interfaces, but can be upgraded, if needed. (velodyne_height_map is an alternative)


Ring Compression

The ringcomp node reads velodyne_common/RawScan data from the velodyne/rawscan topic, identifies obstacles, and publishes them as sensor_msgs/PointCloud in the velodyne/obstacles topic.


$ rosrun velodyne_ringcomp ringcomp



The ringcomp nodelet reads transformed data in sensor_msgs/PointCloud format including additional channels for "ring" and "heading", and republishes detected obstacles as velodyne/obstacles.

Subscribed Topics

velodyne/pointcloud (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)
  • Raw Velodyne data points from the device

Published Topics

velodyne/obstacles (sensor_msgs/PointCloud)
  • points belonging to detected obstacles


~min_obstacle (double, default: 0.15)
  • minimum height to consider an obstacle (meters)
~vel_height (double, default: 2.4)
  • height of the velodyne sensor above the ground (meters)


Start the ring compression nodelet. Running as a standalone nodelet prevents zero-copy message sharing.

$ rosrun nodelet nodelet standalone velodyne_ringcomp/RingCompNodelet

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