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odor_tools: odor_bar | virtual_nose

Package Summary

Reads data from PlumeSim and publishes it as a lse_sensor_msgs/Nostril message.



virtual_nose_node is a wrapper for the plumesim service plumesim/ReadPlumeSim. It subscribes to the robot's odometry and polls the service for the chemical readings for posterior publish thus mimicking a nose node.

Subscribed Topics

odom (nav_msgs/Odometry)
  • The robot's odometry.

Published Topics

nose (lse_sensor_msgs/Nostril)

Services Called

read_plumesim (plumesim/ReadPlumeSim)
  • virtual_nose_node calls this service to get the chemical data from the robot's current position.


~frame_id (string, default: /base_nose)
  • The frame in which nose readings will be returned.


virtual_nose was designed to work with plumesim. You can find a tutorial on how to use virtual_nose on the PlumeSim Tutorials page.

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