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Running the warehouse

Description: How to start up and configure the Mongo DB server

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

The mongodb system dependency of warehouse_ros includes the mongod executable, which runs a MongoDB server. For convenience, we provide a wrapper that starts up this server and sets some configuration parameters from the ROS parameter server.

Using the Command Line

To start the server from the command line:

$ rosrun warehouse_ros_mongo mongo_wrapper_ros.py

Using a Launch File

Alternatively, here's an example of starting the server from a launch file and setting some parameters (the full list of parameters is in the package documentation).


  <node name="mongo" type="mongo_wrapper_ros.py" pkg="warehouse_ros_mongo">
    <param name="overwrite" value="true"/>
    <param name="database_location" value="/path/to/my/db"/>

  <param name="warehouse_port" value="27019"/>

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