Xbot_talker is a voice interactive ROS package for XBot-U robots. The package has multiple functions such as offline command word recognition, offline TTS, and offline conversation.



The xbot_talker node takes in xbot_talker/play and xbot_talker/chat services. The service can be called via a ROS service. This node also provides /xbot/talk_state topic that can be used to Monitor operating status.

Published Topics

/xbot/talker_state (xbot_talker/talk_monitor)
  • Get the state data from this topic.
/welcome/leave (std_msgs/Bool)
  • Get the True or False data from this topic and control the robot to navigate.


/xbot/play (xbot_talker/play)
  • Call this service to play the audio file of the specified path or convert text to voice playback.
/xbot/chat (xbot_talker/chat)
  • Call this service to start voice conversation with the robot.


~base_path (string, default: "$(find xbot_talker)")
  • Home directory of voice interactive configuration files and audio files.Please use the default value.

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