This page lists changes that are made in the 1.0.x series of ROS.

See also ROS/ReleaseProcess.

1.0.6 (forthcoming)

  • rospy: bug fix for resolving ~/name properly. <<Ticket(ros 3044)>>

  • rospy: bug fix for race condition with sleep when simulated time is active. <<Ticket(ros 3123)>>

  • roslaunch: changed pmon loop to 10hz to perform better on embedded systems (thanks Cedric Pradalier)

  • roslib: Bug fix for find_node() to find read-only files (r11736, <<Ticket(ros 3085)>>)

  • rxtools: bug fix for rxplot use in roslaunch <<Ticket(ros 3163)>>

1.0.5 (2010-07-13)

  • genmsg_cpp: Fixed escaping of apostrophes in strings in Octave code generation.

  • mk: Added check for non-existent md5sum file <<Ticket(ros 2679)>>

  • removed "java" rosdep rule from ROS stack. The rule is not used in the actual ROS stack and is causing issues with Lucid integration due to changes in sun-java6-jdk.

  • rostopic echo -b correctly uses bag time now instead of current time <<Ticket(ros 2780)>>

  • rxbag: Fixed binary data in messages in raw view <<Ticket(ros 2802)>>

  • test_ros: Merged fix for hanging test on OSX

  • topic_tools: Merged fix for duplicate test name

1.0.4 (2010-05-14)

  • roscpp: Fix to getParamCached to not always hit the master if the parameter does not exist (<<Ticket(ros,2455)>>, r8452)

1.0.3 (2010-04-29)

  • rosmake patch to not try to clean rospack if ROS_NOBUILD present. r9156

  • roslib: bug fix to roslib.list_stacks_by_path() when following symlinks (<<Ticket(ros 2638)>>)

  • rxgraph: patch for xdot issue with certain dot files <<Ticket(ros 2586)>> r9280

  • rospy: fix to handle double shutdown signal case better <<Ticket(ros 2369)>> r9348

  • roslaunch: fixed name resolution of node command-line arguments and fixed usage statement <<Ticket(ros 2309)>> r9361

  • rosrecord: fixed bug in rosplay timeshifting <<Ticket(ros 1327)>>

  • genmsg_cpp: fixed bug in string constant generation for rosjava, r9400.

  • updated top-level rosdep.yaml to include Ubuntu Lucid definitions r9409

1.0.2 (2010-04-13)

  • rospack: disabled missing package warnings in certain modes (<<Ticket(ros 2197)>>, r8542).

  • rospy:

    • bug fix to on_shutdown() (#2536 r8746)

    • bug fix for dynamically generated messages: Message initialization now only checks md5sum match instead of instance match <<Ticket(ros 2584)>>.

    • changed message generator for _check_types() to use self instead of static accessor to work in dyngen case <<Ticket(ros 2074)>>

    • minor documentation fix (r8961)
  • Master: bug fix to overly verbose logging (r8779)
  • rxgraph: patch to make quiet -q even more quiet (r8783)

  • rosbuild: added -pthread to link line, to keep goLD happy (r8801)

  • roswtf:

    • fixed warning message about /time with /use_sim_time and also fixed warning about /rosout node missing /rosout subscription (r8813)
    • fixed common spurious warning message with loopback IP addresses (e.g. <<Ticket(ros 2603)>>

  • rosparam:

    • fixed bug with negative nine as an argument to set (#2605)

    • fixed pretty-printing bug with newer versions of python-yaml (r8847)
  • roscpp

    • fixed ros::topic::waitForMessage with timeout to not always return immediately (r8916)

    • Timers no longer spam the log file if they are not hitting their deadlines (#2585, r8993)
  • roslaunch: bug fix for <<Ticket(ros 2468)>>, error on overlapping clear params.

  • rospack : fixed <<Ticket(ros 2556)>>, segfault when calling depends-on in certain situations.

1.0.1 (2010-02-25)

  • rospy: fixed bug in service generator with transitive dependencies (#2378, r8077)

  • roscpp

    • Fixed bug where XmlRpcValue parameters were accidentally being cached when they shouldn't be (#2381, r8089)

    • Fixed bug where param::get()/NodeHandle::getParam() of XmlRpcValue parameters would always return true after the first call, even if the parameter didn't exist (r8091)

    • Fixed a crash on shutdown involving popping off an already-empty list (r8132)
    • Fixed bug in UDPROS XML/RPC exchange so that the subscriber receives the publisher's side of the connection header information (r8265)
  • rosmake

    • Fixed log directory permissions 2367

    • Fixed typo Exception/Exceptoin (#2377)
    • more verbose error on rosdep failure
  • roswtf: removed reference to netifaces, which has been disabled (r8152)

  • test_msgs: reworked layout to not confuse roswtf (r8154)

  • rossrv/rosmsg: fixed issue with field type resolution (r8191)

  • roslaunch: better error message on unrecognized tags inside of <node> tag (r8296) and better error message if another master is running (r8309)

  • rostest: creation of .ros directory fixed to use parent permissions (r8303 r8304)

  • roslisp message generation: added type specifiers for fields and made them immutable. If you update to ros 1.0.1, you also need to update in the ros_experimental repository.

  • rostopic: bug fix to -p option when printing empty fields

  • rosgraph: better suppression of /clock when using -q option with rxgraph

  • roswtf: better error message when connection to master lost during graph checks (r8420)

  • rosbuild:

    • Updated to use hashlib instead of deprecated md5 (#2385, r8128)

    • Fixed bug with cached build flags when moving packages (#2459, r8453).
  • rosdep.yaml: added missing Boost packages for Ubuntu 9.04
  • rosdep : improved robustness to invalid packages (#2406, r8250).

1.0 (2010-02-22)

ROS 1.0 is here! In conjunction with this release, many of the libraries that have been built on top of ROS have been released as 1.0 as well. We hope that you will be able to use these libraries as a stable platform for a wide variety of robots and applications.


The focus of changes for this release was on bug fixes, cleanup, and resolving any remaining API issues.

There was one deprecated API removed in this final release, and will require migration for code not yet updated:

  • roscpp: Removed deprecated 3-argument versions of param::get() and NodeHandle::getParam()

rospy now also warns on illegal names. We have been introducing more name strictness in ROS. ROS auto-generates source code of messages and services. The name strictness ensures that source code can be validly generated for these types. There are also potential features in our roadmap that will require name strictness as well.

  • rospy:

    • ROSInterruptException is now also a subclass of KeyboardInterrupt

    • Bug fix to service calls: internal exceptions were not being recast as user-visible exceptions and shutdown exceptions were not be converted to ROSInterruptExceptions

    • warn on illegal ROS names for topics, services, nodes, and parameters.

    • clarified returns values from Service handler. Also, returning None is now always a failure.

    • Bug fixes to ServiceProxy state if service returns an error.

  • rosbag: Fixed bug that was causing sim_time to always be published

  • rosrecord:

    • Added reference-based record all to Recorder API
    • Fixed bug preventing Recording of user-instantiated message (Ticket: 2297)
    • Fixed bug involving re-writing over the same file (Ticket: 2298)
    • Correctly record/publish latching messages (Ticket: 1964)
  • roscreate-stack: automatically include ROS as a dependency due to untracked rosdep dependencies.

  • Substantial updates to documentation, including rosbuild, rostest, roslib, rosout, rosbash, rosbag, rospack, rosstack

  • roslib:

    • roslib.rospack: rospack/rosstack execution are now always ROS_ROOT-relative (bug fix)

    • bug fix to roslib.msg.resolve_type (Header, array consistency)

    • removed no-longer-used scripts and

  • Removed no-longer-used/experimental rossync, rosorg-svn, and rosinit

  • Moved non-core packages to ros_experimental: rosbrowse, rosmanual

  • roscpp

    • Fixed race condition when calling ServiceClient::call() on the same underlying ServiceClient from multiple threads concurrently (#2336, r7820)

    • Removed deprecated 3-argument versions of param::get() and NodeHandle::getParam() (r7824)

  • roslaunch:

    • append ROS_ROOT/bin to path if not present
    • no longer sets illegal parameter name for storing URIs on Parameter Server.
    • bug fix for error reporting when included file was missing <launch> tag

  • rostopic/rosservice: bug fix for when trying to pub/call with duration values.

  • roslib: roslib.stacks.get_stack_dir now raises InvalidROSStackException if stack does not exist to match behavior of get_pkg_dir

  • rosdep: removed old rosdep.yaml file in the rosdep package that is no longer used.

  • rosbag: rosbag fix: improved error handling

  • rxconsole: Fixed severity filtering to apply to already-received messages (#2361, r7979)

  • rxdeps:

    • Added unit tests. #1483
    • Changed cluster view to show other stacks in subgraphs locally.
    • arguments are parsed as stack names to view.
    • --target will scope the query to within the stack
    • --cluster requires either a --target option or arguments
    • inter-stack package dependencies are drawn as blue dashed edges
    • stack dependencies are drawn as red dashed edges

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