pr2_component_descriptions holds the urdf files necessary for PR2 components. During PR2 production and testing, these files are used for running PR2 components using the pr2_mechanism stack.

The files in this package use the xacro macros from pr2_description.


URDF files under "robots" are for robot assemblies or components. They can be used by anyone who is using a sub-component of a PR2, like a caster or a laser sled.

Robot Motors

During production testing, we test the drive trains of many parts on the PR2. These URDF files are used to run simple "robots", usually motor and couplers only.

Test Coverage

All files with the suffix ".urdf.xacro" in the robots/ or robot_motors/ directory are checked by both xacro and the URDF parser. To run this test on any new files, run "make test" in the package directory.

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