Workstation network configuration


In this section we will present the workstation network configuration in order to connect to the Mini-Lab access point.

This step is not required when working with the simulation environment. Please refer to Mini-Lab Simulation tutorial.

Workstation network setup

Please connect the Ethernet switcher with the wifi broadcaster through the white RJ45 cable located in the back of the robot. Then, plug in mainboard to the switcher. Power up the robot and make sure to connect the workstation to the Mini-Lab Wi-Fi. Edit the configuration menu with the suitable addresses.

Ubuntu Network Configuration Screen

After the configuration of the network, you have to export the address of the workstation. In new terminal type in:

$ echo export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://192.168.0.XXX:11311 >> ~/.bashrc
$ echo export ROS_HOSTNAME=IP_OF_WORKSTATION >> ~/.bashrc

The first commands is essential to establish the link with the robot. In the second command you have to type the workstation configured IP.

After fully configuring the network. Connect via “SSH” to the robot

Connect to the Mini-Lab Robot

To connect use the SSH command line on the workstation

$ ssh user@192.168.0.XXX

The robot defaults IDs are:

Username: user
Password: #user

Now, you are connected to the robot and you can launch files on the robot’s hard disk.

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