RoombaRobin is a clone of the well known TurtleBot with some minor differences. The used stack differs a little bit from the TurtleBot. Instead of the iRobot Create an iRobot Roomba is used. Also the Microsoft Kinect is at a slightly different position. The ROS interface of RoombaRobin is similar to the interface of TurtleBot. This allows to use all of the demos available for TurtleBot and compatible robots (WheeledRobin) and vice versa.

Installation (wstool from source)

By checking out from our repositories, you can always stay up to date with the latest version. Use the following commands to check out the RoombaRobin stack:

  1. Install ROS software (ROS Hydro with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS recommended) at, please select Ubuntu platform.

  2. Use ros-hydro-desktop-full packages at the installation page (recommended)
  3. Install turtlebot stack
    sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-turtlebot
  4. Create a catkin workspace (see Catkin Tutorial)

  5. Install wstool (if not already installed) (see wstool Tutorial)

  6. Switch to catkin workspace into src folder
    cd ~/catkin_ws/src
  7. Add RoombaRobin repositories

    wstool init
    wstool set roomba_robin --git
    wstool set roomba_robin_viz --git
    wstool set roomba_robin_simulator --git
    wstool update
  8. Build catkin workspace (see Catkin Tutorial)

    cd ..

Getting Started

Bringup the real robot

To start the RoombaRobin robot power on the robot and type:

roslaunch roomba_robin_bringup minimal.launch

Proceed with starting nodes that supply velocity commands like teleoperation nodes.

Bringup a simulated robot

To start a simulated RoombaRobin robot using gazebo type:

roslaunch roomba_robin_gazebo roomba_robin_empty_world.launch

Proceed with starting nodes that supply velocity commands like teleoperation nodes.

Starting Demos

To start various demos please refere to the TurtleBot tutorials:

Stack Overview

There are multiple stacks specific to the RoombaRobin:



ROS packages


Contains the core drivers for RoombaRobin

roomba_robin_bringup, roomba_robin_description


Contains packages for simulating RoombaRobin


Contains packages for vizualizing RoombaRobin


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