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Testing the simulation

Description: Testing the simulation of Tiago in Gazebo

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Author: Job van Dieten < job.1994@gmail.com >, Sai Kishor Kothakota < sai.kishor@pal-robotics.com >

Maintainer: Jordi Pages < jordi.pages@pal-robotics.com >, Thomas Peyrucain < thomas.peyrucain@pal-robotics.com >

Support: tiago-support@pal-robotics.com

Source: https://github.com/pal-robotics/tiago_tutorials.git

Testing the simulation

First of all open a console and source the workspace:

  • cd /tiago_public_ws/
    source ./devel/setup.bash

The public simulation of TIAGo allows two different versions of the end-effector:

  • a parallel gripper
  • the under-actuated 5-finger Hey5 hand.

To launch the simulation of the TIAGo with a 6-axis force/torque sensor in the wrist and the parallel gripper, execute:

  • roslaunch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true end_effector:=pal-gripper


The version with a 6-axis force/torque sensor in the wrist and the Hey5 hand can be launched as follows:

  • roslaunch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true end_effector:=pal-hey5


The version of TIAGo OMNI:

  • roslaunch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true base_type:=omni_base


If you manage to launch these three simulations then the installation has been successful. If the 3rd one is not working you would need to update your docker image or install the latest changes.

If you encounter any issues when trying to run gazebo inside the rocker verify that your drivers are up to date and that your PC configuration includes either Nvidia GPU or Intel CPU

If you are facing this issue on a laptop, run  nvdia-settings  and go in the PRIME Profiles section


If you launched the rocker with Nvidia support choose the NVIDIA (Performance Mode)

If you launched the rocker with intel support choose NVIDIA On-Demand (Default)

Restart the laptop and it should work

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