MP-400 Basic Bringup

Launch File

Start the robot by launching the bringup file:

roslaunch neo_mp_400 bringup.launch


Coming Soon


The list of nodes available after the launch of MP-400 bringup file:


1. neo_kinematics_differential_node

Node for differential kinematics to calculate motor commands and wheel encoder odometry.


2. neo_teleop_node

Converts RAW signal from hardware joystick to movement commands.


3. relayboard_v2_node

Main interface to most internal hardware components.


4. sick_s300_front

Publishes the measurement data of Sick S300 laserscan.


5. sick_s300_front_filter

Reduces the measurement data of laserscan to valid region.


6. robot_state_publisher

Publish the state of the robot to tf.


7. joint_state_publisher

Publishes Joint state message of the joints involved.


Interaction and Usage

Motion Control

MP-400 can be controlled by:

1. Publishing data to topic /cmd_vel

2. Control with hardware joystick


The odometry from wheelencoders is published by neo_kinematics_differential_node to /odom as nav_msgs/Odometry.

Laser Scanners

1. Front Laser Scanner (sick_s300_front)

Node sick_s300_front publishes laser scan data over the topic /sick_s300_front/scan which is subscribed by the node sick_s300_front_filter and this node publishes filtered scan (minimizing the each scan angle to 170 degrees). Filtered scan data is sent over the topic /sick_s300_front/scan_filtered.


Neobotix Relayboard is the main interface to most internal hardware components.

Connected hardware components:

  • Motor controller (left wheel)
  • Motor controller (right wheel)
  • LCD
  • Keypad
  • IOBoard (only if available)
  • USBoard (only if available)

Published Data

1. Hardware state

See RelayBoardV2.msg.

2. Battery information

See BatteryState.msg.

3. Emergency information

See EmergencyStopState.msg.

4. IOBoard Data (only if available)

See IOBoard.msg.

5. USBoard Data (only if available)

See USBoard.msg and sensor_msgs/Range.msg.


1. Start automatic charging

rosservice call /relayboard_v2/start_charging

2. Stop automatic charging

rosservice call /relayboard_v2/stop_charging

3. Write text to LCD (maximum 20 characters)

rosservice call /relayboard_v2/set_LCD_msg

4. Toggle relay

rosservice call /relayboard_v2/set_relay

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