1. RosJava & Android Migration Guide

    Rosjava and Android migration guide from hydro to indigo.


  1. Android Studio & Tools Download

    Downloading the build tools, sdk and android studio.

Catkin-Gradle Environment

  1. Installation - ROS Development Environment

    Preparing a ros environment for development.

  2. Creating Android Packages

    Script wizards for conveniently creating android packages and projects.

Android Studio Environment

  1. Installation - Android Studio Development Environment

    Develop from Android Studio without a ROS Environment!

Ros Android Application Tutorials

  1. RosActivity

    Building android applications on top of the RosActivity class.

  2. Android Interactions

    Getting your android applications to interact usefully with a setup robot.

  3. Android Pairings

    Simultaneously bring up & tear down an android listener/robot talker pair.

Using native ROS code on Android

Using native ROS code on Android

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