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Package Summary

ar_bounding_box detects a set of marker patterns and creates a coordinate system and a bounding box around them. The point cloud inside this bounding box is published and can be used by re_object_recorder to create object models.

This package is based on Michael Ferguson's ar_kinect package.

This package is part of RoboEarth (EU FP7, grant 248942).


Estimates a bounding box around a marker pattern using the Kinect camera and ARToolkit and publishes the contents of this bounding box as point cloud.

Published Topics

resulting_pcl (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)
  • The resulting point cloud, limited to the bounding box
bb_pcl (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)
  • A point cloud with 4 points, describing the bounding box


boxsize (double, default: 0.135)
  • Edge length of the bounding box
marker_dist_threshold (double, default: 0.002)
  • The maximum allowed error in detecting the markers. If you get too many "Distance too large" errors, increase this value. Please note that the model quality will decrease with larger values.

Provided tf Transforms

  • The transformation from the camera to the object coordinate system

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