The robot package provides ROS access to navigation-related actuators and sensors, the kinematic chain and a gazebo simulation of our mobile robot (resp. our experimental environment „mobile robot). Moreover, it provides a general-purpose local planner, following the „follow-the-carrot“ paradigm.


  • This package provides a gazebo model of our experimental setup „mobile robot“.


  • This package defines the kinematic chain of our mobile robot and provides launch-files to publish that chain through a robot_state_publisher.


  • This package provides a geometry-based inverse kinematics for our mobile robot, returning robot configurations for provided camera poses.


  • Packages that are related to controlling the base of our mobile robot by controlling its differential drive and acquiring sensor data from its SICK PLS 312-101 laser scanner.


    • This package is connecting piece between velocity commands, coming from a local planner and the real drives of our mobile robot. Besides, it calculates and publishes odometry information.


    • This package is the counterpart asr_mild_base_driving, when driving our mobile robot in simulation.
  • asr_mild_base_laserscanner:

    • This package provides planar laser scans in cartesian coordinates from the sick laser scanner of our mobile robot.
  • asr_mild_base_launch_files:

    • This package contains those launch files that are required to start all packages, related to controlling the base of our mobile robot.


  • Contains our additions to the standard ros navigation infrastructure.


    • This package provides launch files for starting the entire navigation system of our mobile robot and includes all relevant parameters. It also contains 2D maps of our experimental setup „mobile robot“.


    • Contains a general-purpose „follow-the-carrot" local planner and a variant of the navfn global planner that matches our local planner.


      • An algorithm for driving mobile robots that is based on the „follow-the-carrot" paradigm. Accurately follows given global plans.
    • asr_navfn:

      • A variant of navfn for narrow experimental setups that allows navigating closer to obstacles on a given 2D map that the standard version of navfn.

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