The utility package wraps up miscellaneous auxiliary functionalities, required by a variety of our packages.

  • asr_rapidxml: This package is a ROS wrapper for the RapidXML (xml parser) library.

  • asr_ros_uri: This package is similar to resource_finder. It delivers the uri path to a given file or a file path for a given uri.

  • asr_rviz_pose_manager: This package is used to store 2D poses in an XML-file that are visually selected in RViz.

  • asr_xsd2cpp: This package is used to generate C++ classes (headers) mapped to the components of an input XML Schema.

  • asr_kinematic_chain_optimizer: This package contains a general-purpose estimation of the parameters of kinematic chains on the basis of the Rosenbrock optimization algorithm.

  • asr_visualization_server: This package is used for visualizing both of our experimental setups (dome/mobile robot) in RViz by the help of correctly placed 3D models.

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