• This version is not supported. Please use the ROS Kinetic version


EXPERIMENTAL: This status indicates that this software is experimental code at best. There are known issues and missing functionality. The APIs are completely unstable and likely to change. Use in production systems is not recommended. All code starts at this level. For more information see the ROS-Industrial software status page.


It currently contains packages that provide nodes for communication with Doosan's collaborative robot controllers, URDF models for various robot arms and the associated MoveIt packages.

Doosan Robot ROS Video

Doosan Robot ROS package supports integration with AWS Robomaker. See the links below for more information.

Doosan Robot with AWS Robomaker

Also, we support the ROS2 package.

Doosan Robot ROS2 Package


System : x86

ROS version : Kinetic


On supported Linux distributions (Ubuntu, up to 16.04 (Xenial), i386 and amd64):

sudo git clone https://github.com/doosan-robotics/doosan-robot

The following instructions assume that a Catkin workspace has been created at $HOME/catkin_ws and that the source space is at $HOME/catkin_ws/src. Update paths appropriately if they are different on the build machine.

In all other cases the packages will have to be build from sources in a Catkin workspace:

   1 cd ~/catkin_ws/src   ### We recoomand the /home/<user_home>/catkin_ws/src
   2 git clone https://github.com/doosan-robotics/doosan-robot
   3 rosdep install --from-paths doosan-robot --ignore-src --rosdistro kinetic -r -y
   4 cd ~/catkin_ws
   5 catkin_make
   6 source ./devel/setup.bash

The packages can now be used as regular ROS packages.

Refer to the catkin tutorials for more information on building catkin workspaces.


See the Tutorials page for an overview of the available tutorials.

Korean : Tutorials


Doosan ROS Package Manual(Kor)

Doosan ROS Package Manual(Eng)

Doosan ROS Package with AWS Robomaker Manual(Eng)

Doosan ROS Package with AWS Robomaker Manual(Kor)


We conducted the simulation in ROS Gazebo for demonstrate the automotive composite solution at various robot exhibitions.


In conclusion, a successful demonstration was completed quickly and easily using ROS. Click the link below.

Demo Link(at the Automate 2019)

Demo Link(at the Automatica 2018)

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