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Compile footstep_planner with the latest SBPL version

Description: These instructions show how to compile a newer version of SBPL and use it with footstep_planner. The released version may have bugs or missing features. Currently, 1.1.0 segfaults when using the R* planner.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

  • check out current sbpl version in a workspace dir:
    • git clone https://github.com/sbpl/sbpl.git
      cd sbpl
      If you want to use R* with footstep planning, check out the special branch for it:
      git checkout rstar_footsteps
  • compile and install into the install directory INSTALL_DIR (this can be in /usr/local, requiring sudo, or also in your home directory). Replace $INSTALL_DIR with your location, or set the variable value correctly.
    • mkdir build
      cd build
      make install
  • get rid of local sbpl installation, otherwise rosmake/catkin finds the wrong version first:  sudo apt-get remove ros-fuerte-sbpl 

  • compile footstep_planner (humanoid_navigation needs to be in your ROS workspace or ROS_PACKAGE_PATH). The second step adds the install location of the file sbpl.pc to the search path of pkg-config. The last step should then pick up SBPL in your local install directory.

    • roscd footstep_planner
      export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$INSTALL_DIR/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
      rosmake footstep_planner

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