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jaco: jaco_driver | jaco_model

Package Summary

Provides access to the Kinova JACO C++ API through ROS. Includes action servers for positionin the arm using either cartesian coordinates or joint angles and moving the fingers. The tf_updater node is responsible for converting joint angle information into TF transforms to be used in ROS.

jaco_ros: jaco_demo | jaco_driver | jaco_model | jaco_msgs

Package Summary

The ROS JACO Arm stack provides a ROS interface for the Kinova Robotics JACO robotic manipulator arm. This stack provides access to the Kinova JACO C++ hardware API through ROS.

  • Maintainer status: maintained
  • Maintainer: Ilia Baranov (Clearpath) <ibaranov AT clearpathrobotics DOT com>
  • Author: Ilia Baranov (Clearpath) <ibaranov AT clearpathrobotics DOT com>, Jeff Schmidt (Clearpath) <jschmidt AT clearpathrobotics DOT com>, Alex Bencz (Clearpath) <abencz AT clearpathrobotics DOT com>, Matt DeDonato (WPI), Braden Stenning <braden AT stenning DOT com>
  • License: BSD
  • Source: git (branch: hydro-devel)


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