1. Configuring and Using a Linux-Supported Joystick with ROS

    This tutorial is an introduction to using the joystick connected to a desktop computer. After reading it, you should be able to bring up the joy node and display the data coming from the joystick over ROS.

  2. Writing a Teleoperation Node for a Linux-Supported Joystick

    This tutorial covers how to write a teleoperation node and use it to drive the turtle in the turtlesim.

  3. Joyteleop - Joystick Teleoperation node for e.DO educational Robot of Comau

    This ROS Node is intended and written for the e.DO robot of Comau. the e.DO robot is an educational robot. Therefore, this node is especially for beginners who want to see how to communicate with the robot. The task of this node is to control the robot with an x-Box 360 Controller. I hope that this node can help all those who want to work on it.

Tutorials for other devices can be found in joystick_drivers/Tutorials.

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