IRI Uncalibrated Visual Servoing


This application implements an uncalibrated image-based visual servoing approach developed at Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (IRI The aplications of this software are mainly to maneuver a camera or a robot from an initial position to a desired location simplified by an AR_tag., this can be done considering:

  • 6DOF camera
  • 9DOF quadrotor and arm

Details can also be found in this paper:

  title = {Uncalibrated image-based visual servoing},
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Although the iri_uncalibvs node can be used in a real robotic settings, it is included in this section the hector_quadrotor stack to simulate the UAV quadrotor.


This section indicates the steps to follow to run the application once the related dependences have been acquired.

Dynamic reconfigure

  • 'activate': Activate the Iri uncalibrated visual servoing approach.
  • 'quadrotor': Select between 6dof or the underactuated 4dof output for the quadrotor.
  • 'arm_unina': Enables the use of a 5DOF arm (quadrotor-arm system)
  • 'arm_catec': Enables the use of a 6DOF arm (quadrotor-arm system)
  • 'lambda': Visual servo proportional control constant value.
  • 'lambda_quadrotor': Quadrotor velocities proportional factor.
  • 'lambda_arm': Arm velocities proportional factor.
  • 'dist_to_tag': Desired final distance to tag (tag's z axis).
  • 'random_points': Select between random or fixed original feature points.
  • 'output_files': Save to a file the quadrotor poses.
  • 'path': The path to save the quadrotor poses.
  • 'traditional': Select between traditional or uncalibrated image jacobian.


  • Initialize the simulation:
    • roslaunch iri_uncalibvs_sim iri_uncalibvs_sim_hector_all.launch

This node launches all the required nodes to drive the quadrotor with or without arm as well as to drive it automatically (with the uncalibrated approach) o manually (with Xbox controller teleop).

Example Videos

This video shows the use of the provided software for both simulations and a UAV quadrotor (Kinton robot).

This video shows the use of the uncalibrated image-based visual servo addressing the problem of autonomously servoing a quadrotor-arm unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

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