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Current Entries

  1. Customizable Buttons

    Using a white piece of paper and a black pen, you can draw your own array of buttons that are touch-activated

  2. Humanoid Robot Control and Interaction

    Humanoid Robot Control and Interaction using Depth Camera.

  3. Finger Detector

    a program used on top of the hand detector, that segments out fingers of an open palm, plus some other hand poses. The result is published as a Hand message.

  4. Follower

    A ridiculously simple program to have a robot follow the nearest skeleton

  5. Minority Report Interface

    A minority report-like interface that lets you drag around photos

  6. Pianist

    Using the Finger Detector, a program to play a five key piano

  7. Humanoid Teleoperation

    Control a humanoid robot using the Kinect.

  8. Automatic Calibration of Extrinsic Parameters

    Automatic Calibration of the 3D pose of the Kinect with respect to the robot base. Uses fast ICP to track the 3D pose of the Kinect, then uses a global optimization to retrieve the static transformation.

  9. Quadrotor Altitude Control and Obstacle Avoidance

    The Kinect is mounted on a quadrotor and used for closed-loop altitude control and basic obstacle avoidance.

  10. Skeleton Tracker Teleoperation Package for Mobile Robot

    Skeleton Tracker ROS Package for Teleoperating a Mobile Robot

  11. Improved AR Markers for Topological Navigation

    This entry uses the Kinect point cloud data to improve localization of AR Toolkit markers. We will use these markers to allow topological localization, and kinect point cloud data will be used for obstacle avoidance, to navigate on a robot with limited processing power.

  12. Kinemmings

    Fun interactive game based on the famous old game Lemmings. Your body is the controller.

  13. Teleop Kinect Cleanup

    Teleop Kinect Cleanup enables virtual moving of the household objects and can be for example used to show a robot where to exactly place down certain objects during pick and place actions.

  14. RGBD-6D-SLAM

    The Kinect is used to generate a colored 3D model of an object or a complete room.

  15. Anaglyph Generator

    Create 3D images (anaglyphs) using a Kinect

  16. Person Tracking and Reconstruction from a Mobile Base with a 7 DOF Manipulator

    Person tracking and reconstruction from a mobile base with a 7 DOF manipulator

  17. Autonomous corridor flight of a UAV

    Autonomous corridor flight of a UAV using the Kinect sensor.

  18. Hand Detector

    Two programs that give access to the point clouds representing hands, both with and without Skeletal Tracking

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