Only released in EOL distros:  


This package contains launch files for configuring and launching three different nodes with the PR2 robot arms:

  • move_arm - The move_arm node is a coordinating action that can coordinate motion planning, trajectory filtering and control to move a robot arm to a desired position in a collision free manner.

  • environment_server - The environment server is a monitoring node that uses sensor information to provide collision information about the world around the robot. This server can be used to check whether desired trajectories are in collision, violate constraints or violate joint limits.

  • collision free trajectory controller - This is a node with the same interface as the joint trajectory action. It will execute a desired trajectory only if the trajectory is not in collision with the environment.

All these nodes are configured for both the left and right arms of the PR2 robot.


  1. Parts of the ROS API is REVIEWED but UNSTABLE (see individual packages for more details). We will make our best effort to keep the ROS API stable.

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