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This package is not developed anymore. New clients are available in the rc_reason_clients package.


This node provides ROS service calls and parameters for the TagDetect module.

For detail description of the TagDetect module check the rc_visard manual.



  • host: The IP address or hostname of the rc_visard that should be used.

Since version 2.7, the device ID can be used instead of the sensor's IP address:

  • device: The ID of the device, i.e. Roboception rc_visard sensor. This can be either:

    • serial number, e.g. 02912345.

    Preceed with a colon (:02912345) when passing this on the commandline or setting it via rosparam (see This is not neccessary when specifying it as a string in a launch file.

    • user defined name must be unique among all reachable sensors.
    If no device or host is given, this parameter works if just one rc_visard is connected.

Dynamic reconfigure parameters

  • use_cached_images: Use most recently received image pair instead of waiting for a new pair.

  • forget_after_n_detections: Number of detection runs after which to forget about a previous tag during tag re-identification.

  • max_corner_distance: Maximum distance of corresponding tag corners in meters during tag re-identification.

  • quality: Quality of tag detection (H, M or L).

  • detect_inverted_tags: Detect tags with black and white exchanged.

  • publish_visualization: Whether or not the tf and markers should be published.


The following services are offered to follow the calibration routine:

  • detect: Triggers single detection.

  • start_continuous_detection: Starts continuous detection.

  • stop_continuous_detection: Stops continuous detection.


Using command line parameters:

  • rosrun rc_tagdetect_client rc_april_node _host:=<sensor_ip>
    rosrun rc_tagdetect_client rc_qr_node _host:=<sensor_ip>

Since version 2.7:

  • rosrun rc_tagdetect_client rc_april_node _device:=:<serial_number>
    rosrun rc_tagdetect_client rc_qr_node _device:=:<serial_number>

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