rc_visard_ros is a meta package of the ROS interface for the Roboception rc_visard 3D sensor.

The rc_visard is the world’s first 3D sensor that allows robots to perceive their environment in 3D and localize themselves in space.

  • Passive perception enables recognition of the environment both in natural light outdoors and in enclosed spaces in poor lighting conditions.
  • Passive shutter technology enables accurate image data acquisition even with fast movements.
  • With an integrated graphics card, depth images are processed directly in the sensor and do not require any external computing power. Point clouds can be easily generated out of the depth images.
  • Camera images (image of the left camera) serve as reference images for the image data sets.
  • Depth images are computed through triangulation of the stereo images (images of left and right camera) using the world class SGM method.
  • Confidence images show the confidence in each point in the depth images.
  • Using the most advanced visual inertial odometry algorithms, rc_visard records its current position and alignment with highest precision.

rc_visard (65 mm baseline, color) rc_visard (160 mm baseline, color)

rc_visard_ros contains the packages rc_visard_description and rc_visard_driver.

The rc_visard_description package contains xacro and urdf files for the two baseline versions of the rc_visard (rc_visard_65, rc_visard_160).

The rc_visard_driver is the official ROS driver for the rc_visard which provides ROS parameters (configuration), ROS services (control of rc_visards dynamic module) and ROS topics (sensor data: Images, Stereo Data, Point Clouds, Dynamic State i.e. poses and IMU data, TF).

The rc_visard comes in two baseline versions with two different baseline distances (distances between the cameras) for use in the near or long range for optimized depth image calculations.

  • rc_visard_65 (65 mm baseline) is optimized for the depth measurement range 0,2 – 1 m providing a depth image resolution of 0,5 – 15 mm.

  • rc_visard_160 (160 mm baseline) is optimized for the depth measurement range 0,5 – 3 m providing a depth image resolution of 1,5 – 50 mm.

After the appropriate rc_visard baseline version has been selected one can choose between the camera type versions color and monochrome.

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