Basic Multimaster

The components listed here for basic multimaster are not concert specific. You can use these to build an alternative multimaster framework if you wish.


  1. Rocon Launch for Multiple Masters

    Spawn multiple roslaunch terminals over multiple ros masters.

The Gateway Model

The gateway model is the engine of a rocon multimaster system. They are used by the app manager and the concert level components to co-ordinate the exchange of ros topics, services and actions between masters, but in general, you do not need to know in detail how they operate to play with a rocon concert. If you would like to find out more about them, start here:

Retaskable Autonomy

ToDo: this is awaiting a minor redesign and a rewrite of some hydro tutorials

  1. Multimaster Rapp Manager

    Enabling the rapp manager for multimaster via rocon gateways.

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