Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Enable Web Interactions.
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Advanced Solution Customisation

Description: describes what arguments concert provides

Keywords: rocon concert solution service web rocon_interactions

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


This tutorial describes what arguments are available to configure your solution.

Roslaunch Args

Required Arguments:

  • gateway_network_interface: If you have multiple network interfaces and want to lock it on one (e.g. 'eth0')

  • services: service list resource location. e.g. concert_tutorial/

Optional Arguments:

  • concert_description (default "Pirates in concert."): Describe concert

  • concert_icon (default "rocon_icons/rocon.png"): concert icon path in resource pair. e.g)rocon_icons/rocon.png

  • concert_name (default "Pirate Concert"): concert name

  • conductor_auto_invite (default "true"): invite clients automatically?

  • conductor_local_clients_only (default "false"): conductor invites only local clients

  • default_auto_enable_services (default "[]"): autoenable services, e.g. [admin, initialisation] services which auto enabled on start up or 'all' to enable all services

  • disable_cache (default "true"): whether reading solution configuration and service profile from cache or default

  • disable_zeroconf (default "false"): It is required process to configure both hub and gateway. Configures rocon_hub zeroconf param and gateway disable_conf param.(e.g docker does not support zeroconf properly

  • enable_rosbridge (default "false"): start rosbridge or not

  • gateway_disable_uuids (default "false"): manage unique naming of multiple gateways yourself

  • gateway_unavailable_timeout (default "10"): how long before a concert client is flagged as missing when it drops off the wireless

  • gateway_watch_loop_period (default "2"): Polling period for multimaster advertising/flipping

  • hub_port (default "6380"): port for rocon hub redis

  • hub_uri (default "http://localhost:6380"): gateway hub configuration

  • rosbridge_address (default "localhost"): rosbridge address for rocon_interactions

  • rosbridge_port (default "9090"): rosbridge port for rocon_interactions

  • scheduler_type (default "compatibility_tree"): available scheudlers : [preemptive_compatibility_tree, compatibility_tree, simple]

  • webserver_address (default ""): webserver address for webapps in rocon_interactions

What's Next?

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