Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Customise Service Configurations.
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Enable Web Interactions

Description: how to access and interact with concert via web

Keywords: rocon concert solution service web rocon_interactions

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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This tutorial guides you how to enable web app interactions for concert. It describes how to enable rosbridge, and configure web interactions.

Enable rosbridge in Concert

rosbridge needs to be enabled in order to use concert with web apps. Concert Master provides four arguments to enable web interactions

  • enable_rosbridge(bool) : concert starts rosbridge_server with given parameters.

  • rosbridge_address : configures rosbridge address and also set rocon_interactions rosbridge_address parameter.

  • rosbridge_port: configures rosbridge port and rocon_interactions rosbridge_port parameter.

  • webserver_address : configures webserver where webapps are hosted.

   1 <launch>
   2   <arg name="services"          default="my_concert/"/>  <!-- "<package_name>/<file>.services"  tuple-->
   3   <arg name="concert_name"      default="My Concert"/>
   4   <arg name="concert_description" default="This is my concert"/>
   6   <!-- To enable webapp interations -->
   7   <arg name="enable_rosbridge"  default="false"/>
   8   <arg name="rosbridge_address" default="localhost"/>
   9   <arg name="rosbridge_port"    default="9090"/>
  10   <arg name="webserver_address" default=""/>
  12   <!--autoenable services, e.g. [admin, teleop] services which auto enabled on start up or 'all' to enable all services -->
  13   <arg name="default_auto_enable_services" default="all"/>
  15   <include file="$(find concert_master)/launch/concert_master.launch">
  16     <arg name="concert_name"                  value="$(arg concert_name)"/>
  17     <arg name="concert_description"           value="$(arg concert_description)"/>
  18     <arg name="services"                      value="$(arg services)"/>
  20     <arg name="default_auto_enable_services"  value="$(arg default_auto_enable_services)"/>
  21     <arg name="enable_rosbridge"              value="$(arg enable_rosbridge)"/>
  22     <arg name="rosbridge_address"             value="$(arg rosbridge_address)"/>
  23     <arg name="rosbridge_port"                value="$(arg rosbridge_port)"/>
  24     <arg name="webserver_address"             value="$(arg webserver_address)"/>
  25   </include>
  26 </launch>

Configure Web Interactions

Please check Web App Interactions Tutorial in rocon_interactions to use webapp.

What's Next?

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