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Customise Service Configurations

Description: how to create your own solution

Keywords: rocon concert solution

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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This tutorial guides how to customise service configurations. It includes name and priority overriding, parameter tuning, and interactions tuning.


Each service has default parameter set to tune the service characteristic.(e.g- max velocity for Teleop service). The concert provides configuration overriding to customise services for a solution. .services file is to add/remove concert services for solution, and also to override the following service configuration.

  • name
  • description
  • priority
  • icon
  • parameters
  • interactions

Note that it is NOT recommended to modify remapping rules in interactions. It would break the service workflow.


This example.service file overrides Teleop service configurations. It overrides name, description, service priority and parameters. Note that high value for priority gets precedence for resource allocation. Also service parameters file is replaced by the given file from the default parameters. Since it is a complete file replacement, if you miss one parameter in new file, it may crash the service.

   1 - resource_name: concert_service_admin/admin
   2 - resource_name: concert_service_teleop/teleop
   3   overrides:
   4     name: My Teleop
   5     description: This is my teleoperation in my solution
   6     priority: 100
   7     parameters: my_concert/my_teleop.parameters


   1 # New parameter for teleop service
   2 maximum_linear_velocity: 1.05
   3 maximum_angular_velocity: 0.9
   4 allocation_timeout: 45.0
   5 enable_web_video: false
   6 web_video_server_address: localhost
   7 web_video_server_port: 8080

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