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Concert Client Preparation

Description: what to install and todo for concert mode preparation

Keywords: rocon concert solution

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Create Concert Mode Launcher


This tutorial guides what to prepare to use robot in concert.

Rocon App Manager

Concert Client is built on top of rocon app manager framework. Please follow the following tutorials as a preparation. This allows to use your robot as appable robot standalone mode.

Make Your Robot Appable

  1. Install Rocon App Manager

    Installing the rocon_app_platform environment.

  2. Configure Rapp Manager for Robot

    describes how to setup rapp manager for the robot

  3. Bring up Rapp Manager

    describes what happens when you start rapp manager.

  4. Start Rapp via QT Rapp Manager

    shows starting rapps via rocon_qt_app_manager

What's Next?

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